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Amfphp not working online

Troubleshooting and Debugging your Project - Silex Labs I've a problem with my Adobe Air mobile application. This is a very old project which I have just managed to port to ... Making a JSON request JSON allows you to see the response regardless if it’s malformed or not, whereas this shall not work with making an.

Amfphp-2.0/at master silexlabs/amfphp-2.0 GitHub If you already know these answers, you may want to skip to the next section. Based on code from amfphp 1.9, adapted and enhanced by Ariel Sommeria-Klein to amfphp 2.

More Americans than ever before are not working 92 million people. I am in the early stages of setting out the architecture for a new project. More Americans than ever before are not working. The drop could accelerate in the months ahead because Americans who have been out of work for more than.

Amfphp, pdo and sqlite - not finding the database file Hi Im using amfphp to get some info from php, but im with problems. Its why I'm wondering if amfphp is not working.

Flex and PHP remoting with AMFPHP Mihai Corlan If you have any warnings that are printed like for example a message about your timezones, then Amfphp will not be able to output properly formed messages. Let’s look at a working example. Step 1 Install the AMFPHP and understand its structure. It does not work but am able to retrieved data.

Codeniter AMFPHP not working on live - Stack Overflow I have two frames in timeline, in the first frame i have a movieclip that will load a gallery of projects from amfphp and its working ok. Codeniter AMFPHP not working on live. up vote 0 down vote favorite. every thing is working fine on my localhost PC but, not on live server CentOS.

AmfPHP - pedia Your server should be confured so that making requests to a folder defaults to index.php, because the documentation and examples assume this. Amfphp is a library for creating PHP based application back ends. In 2002 Wolfgang Hamman reverse engineers the AMF format to create a working gateway. Other.

Amfphp - Silex Labs Now I want the same connection with Angular JS or any Javascript. I can view the Back Office page in the local browser but when I go to the Service Browser page it reports that ... What is Amfphp? Amfphp is free and open source software, and an essential brick for the development of Applications that need to communicate with the Internet.

Networking - Wifi Not Working On Ubuntu 14.04 Lenovo G 50-30 - Ask. I will show you how to do remote procedure s from Flex to PHP classes using AMFPHP. Computer automatiy disconnects from wifi I have to restart to get back online. My Ubuntu 14.04 Wifi not working Toshiba L650 tried everything

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